Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18, 01/18/2009, Skating Party

The girls liked the bottom picture, but I liked the top today we have two pictures!
This afternoon, Xiao Min (top picture right) and Meng Jiao (top picture left), went to a friend's birthday party at the local skating rink. As always, they had fun and their skating gets better every time they skate. The birthday girl is a friend who is adopted from Guatemala. Our girls had a blast!


  1. What a great photo. I loved to skate when I was their age. Hope on over and check out my most recent post.

  2. so fun! our skating rink looks just the same!!! :)

  3. Great compromise and fun for me to see which one you each liked best!

  4. Could they be any cuter? I love the top photo the best, too. (PS I think every skating rink has that carpet!)