Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27, 01/27/2009, Visit with Oral Surgeon

Today Xiao Min had her first appointment with the oral surgeon that will close the alveolar cleft (split in her gum-line) in her mouth. The surgeon is the head of a the department at a large university based medical facility, so I have great comfort that the best surgeon will be doing the surgery. I was afraid that we had messed up in the timing of getting hooked up with this surgeon, but it turned out it is fine. We will return in June to be evaluated then. They need to time the surgery after her front baby teeth come out. We are hoping the surgery can be done this summer while she is out of school. They will take a piece of bone from her hip and graft it into the split. She will spend a night in the hospital and be out of school two weeks. It will be the most painful surgery she will have.
In the picture she is showing off the goodies they gave her (see the ring and the glasses). Kids are suckers for this stuff.

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